Oh, hai.


October 30, 2013 by bestdayevar

Well, helloooooo there. It has been like a thousand years and I don’t even have a good excuse. 

Firstly, everything is going awesome with this pregnancy. I’ve been pretty chilled out about it this whole time, but somewhere in the past few weeks I transitioned into the type of pregnant lady I always hoped I would be — the sickeningly happy, feeling-awesome, belly-rubbing, constantly smiling kind. Like, it’s gross.

The first time I noticed what a sap I had become was a few weeks ago when I went for a walk on the trail around the lake that cuts through the center of Austin. I had been avoiding spending much time outside for, like, EVER because summer in Texas is no one’s favorite, but it was especially brutal being outside in that heat while pregnant. If I spent more than 30 minutes outside, I would feel full-on hungover the next day. Except no margaritas. So bogus.

So when the temperatures finally dipped below 90, it was with the sheer glee of a newly freed shut-in that I laced up my running shoes and hit the trail. As I walked along, breathing in the fresh air and smiling up at the clouds like a total tree-humping hippie, I started to notice people looking at my belly. And it occurred to me — strangers could tell I was pregnant! Or maybe they couldn’t really tell, so they were staring to try and figure out if it was a baby or a lot of cheeseburgers in there. But either way, belly! Belly had become an entity!

And I suddenly had a flashback. I remembered all the times a few months ago and further back than that when I was jogging along the trail, would lock eyes on a round, pregnant belly, and be gripped with an intense sense of longing. To be the girl with the round belly. To be breathing in fresh air for me and my baby, looking sporty and adorably round and generally blissful. And now? Now, finally, I was that girl. I started to cry underneath my sunglasses with sheer gratitude that I was in exactly the place I wanted to be. That I was being blessed with a healthy pregnancy, and a gorgeous day, and the ability to enjoy both with every cell in my body from head to toe. As I wiped away tears of joy, I wondered if any of the women who had locked eyes with my belly that day were being gripped by those pangs of longing I had experienced in the past, and I shed some tears for them, too. And you guys, just remembering all that emotion — happy and sad — is making me tear up again, right here at my desk. I’m A MESS, PEOPLE. A wonderful, happy, sappy mess.

I have some pics to post and some real news to share, too, but first I have to find time to download pics from my camera. So, stay tuned, I promise the next post won’t be a thousand years from now.

4 thoughts on “Oh, hai.

  1. Gypsy Mama says:

    I am so happy for you! You deserve to finally be the pregnant girl on the trail 🙂

  2. Oh hi, you. I’ve been missing you. This post made me tear up, too. Because, yep. I’m right there with you. So glad you’re happy. And so glad baby is well. Also, bring on the real news and the photos, woman. I need more oven in my life.

  3. Emily says:

    It’s a surreal feeling, right?! So glad everything is going swimmingly 🙂

  4. I love happiness! I’m so glad you found some. That sounds like one heck of a picture perfect walk you took.

    Can’t wait for the next post. We’ve missed you!

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