As usual, men are to blame.


June 18, 2013 by bestdayevar

I came across two interesting articles on NPR this week, both sort of fertility-related.

This article, “Why Men Die Younger Than Women: The ‘Guys Are Fragile’ Thesis,” pointed out that more males die in every stage of life than women. Old guys die before they get super old, young guys die way more than young girls. This is true even for male embryos:

The death differential, says the study, “has been estimated to be from 111 to 160 males per hundred females.” So miscarriages are mostly male.

Miscarriages are mostly male.

Having had a miscarriage myself too early to know the sex, I wonder if it was male? Odds are high, it would seem.

What is also very interesting is that nature has adjusted for the pesky male tendency to die… 107 to 170 males are conceived for every hundred females. We’re survivors, ladies! They gotta pump out a bunch of extra dudes just to try and keep up with our bad-ass gender.

Now, according to another article I read today, even though they die before us, men may get the last laugh. Because the lovely phenomenon of menopause and declining fertility in women? That might just be an evolutionary outcome of old men and their old, saggy balls liking young, perky tail — call it the Hugh Hefner Effect.

This article is called “How Men’s Choices Of Mates May Have Led To Menopause” and is definitely worth a read. This line in particular got me all worked up:

The phenomenon of having several decades without fertility at the end of a woman’s life is unique to humans.

I had never even thought to consider whether other species go through menopause. But they don’t! It’s just us human ladies! Even apes can usually pop out adorable little ape babies right up until they croak, and apparently dude apes actually PREFER older lady apes.

In conclusion, if you feel like being a little man-hatey today, you are totally justified because it is their fault we have a biological clock in the first place. Which I guess they did just to be dicks because they’re just going to kick the bucket before us and leave us old, infertile, and alone, anyway. THANKS GUYS.


(Not you, husband, I’m not hatey at you at all. In fact, I like you very much and you are stuck with my old ass so DON’T GO DYING.)

In other news, I am currently 5DPO and my temps are glorious. I am really feeling like this might be my cycle, but we all know where that kind of certainty leads.


7 thoughts on “As usual, men are to blame.

  1. I am not feeling particularly man-hatey, today or ever, but this is super interesting! I’ve seen all of this research except the men potentially causing menopause bit. And what a bit it is. Gahhh. Super shitty, men. Super shitty.

  2. YeahScience! says:

    Whoa… so crazy that most miscarriages are male! I wonder what, specifically, triggers them, though? It’s interesting because there’s a theory that if you have slowly doubling betas at the beginning of your pregnancy, that it’s probably a boy embryo too (and in my case, that proved to be correct). In other news, for the ladies who REALLY wanna stick it to evil men, I just read about this study that showed scientists were able to create sperm cells from a female human embryo, which could mean women might be able to procreate with other women. SUCK IT, DUDES! Here’s the link:

    • bustedoven says:

      Whuuuuuut, that article is very interesting! SCIENCE! WOW!

      Yeah, I’d be really interested to hear some explanation as to why male embryos are less likely to survive other than “men are weak.” Mysterious!

  3. JustMe says:

    I just have to laugh. I read the whole post, then got to the 5DPO part and thought OHHH. You should congratulate yourself on redirecting your feelings toward something more productive. Keeping my fingers crossed that your temps mean something good!

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